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Panasonic Kettle | SK1

Area of Use: 
1 kg
Panasonic Kettle | SK1

PANASONIC KETTLES SK1 was introduced as a means to boil water without the necessity of a stove top. It’s constructed of durable plastic or steel (with a plastic handle) and powered by mains of electricity. The heating element of this kettle is typically fully enclosed, with a power rating of 2 - 3 kW at 220V. If the current of electricity drops to 110V the kettles may be less powerful to avoid drawing too much current and requiring a very thick supply wire. When the water has reached its boiling point, the kettle automatically deactivates and prevents the water from boiling away and damaging the heating element. The kettle has a bimetallic strip thermostat which is common in all other electric kettles, which are used automatic shut-off mechanism.  The kettle thermostat is isolated from the water and heated by the steam created when the water boils, which is directed through a duct onto the bimetallic strip. This allows the thermostat to be coarsely calibrated, which in turn allows the kettle to function normally at a wide range of altitudes. A consequence of this design is that the kettle may fail to deactivate if the lid is left open, due to an insufficient amount of steam being ducted onto the bimetallic strip. it have a more upright design and are more economical to use, since small amounts of water, enough for only one cup, can be boiled while still keeping the element covered. PANASONIC KETTLES SK1 is consumer electronics, small appliance which is used for boiling water and maintaining it at a constant temperature. It provides an immediate source of hot water for making tea, coffee, instant noodles or for other household use where clean hot water is required. They are a common component of kitchen appliances and also have the feature to purify water.

Key Features: 
• Capacity:1.6L , 1850W • The High-value Brushed Stainless Steel Body • Power Switch with Pilot Lamp • Dual Water Windows with Water Level Indicators • One Push Button for Opening the Lid • Scale Filter • Easy-to-store Power Cord • Easy-to-grip Handle • D

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