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Panasonic W18GS Rice Cooker (PROMO)

List price:₦15,744
Area of Use: 
2 kg
Panasonic W18GS Rice Cooker (Deal)

PANASONIC W18g RICE COOKER Introducing the Commercial Electric Rice Cooker. With Its Large Capacity, It Cooks From 5 To 23 Cups In Approximately 30 Minutes, With A Serving Capability Of Up To 80 Three-Ounce Portions. This Commercial-Listed Rice Cooker Is Engineered With Push-Button Operation, a Built-In Thermostat For Precision Control, and A Direct Heating System resulting In Rice That Is Cooked Easily, Safely, And Effectively. Cooking rice has now been easier with the Panasonic SR W18GS Automatic rice Cooker. All you need do is to soak the rice for 30 minutes prior to cooking for maximum fluffiness- this is especially effective for short grain rice. The set includes a non-stick pan that makes it easy for clean up and also prevents the rice from sticking. Also a one step automatic cooking, which only requires the press of a button for your rice to be cooked to perfection. Other accessories include a see-through glass lid, a rice scoop and a measuring cup.

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