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New Age Y29 15600mAh Mobile Power Bank (DW)

0.2 kg
New Age

New Age 15600mAh Mobile Power Bank is a mobile accessory that lets you enjoy longer use of your mobile devices like phones and tablets. It stores power within its internal battery which is then transferred to your device when the battery is down. It is versatile, so it can work with any model and brand of phone and smart device. The New Age Mobile Power Bank is an essential for anybody who wants to stay connected at all times. It can be very annoying to get interrupted when making an important call due to low battery. To prevent this from happening, use this efficient power bank.

The 15600mAh capacity of the New Age Mobile Power Bank makes it possible to give a full charge of your tablets and smartphones. When you have smart devices, you spend a considerably amount of time surfing the web, playing games or listening to music. To ensure that the fun never stops, you will need a reliable power bank like this. It has a Built-in safety protection circuitry which offers supreme protection for your devices. The high grade materials which is used to make it ensures it stands the test of time. So you can talk for longer on your phone and watch as many videos as you want once you have the New Age 15600mAh Mobile Power Bank.

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