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Police Force 9 Million Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight

Ham A
0.5 kg

The Police Force 9 Million Volt Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight is the perfect self defense tool for anyone. Whether you are a law enforcement officer or a homeowner protecting your property and loved ones, the Streetwise Police Force 9 Million Volt Stun Baton Flashlight has the power and reliability you can count on when you need it the most.
These days there are many rubber and plastic stun batons on the market, but the Police Force stun baton is different. The Police Force Stun Baton is made of high quality military grade aluminum alloy so it can take, or give, quite a beating without damaging the unit. The Police Force stun baton is designed for the Military & Police, and it's now available to civilians who are serious about their safety. This Stun Baton gives you 3 powerful self-defense weapons in one unit:
1. Military Grade Aluminum Alloy Baton: The shock proof exterior allows it not only to be used as a self-defense tool for striking an assailant but it can withstand rugged use and extreme conditions often encountered by the military and law enforcement officers.
2. Powerful Stun Baton: The Police Force Stun Baton integrates it's 9 Million Volts of take-down power into the head of the stun gun using Streetwise's "Triple Stun Technology" which creates a loud and bright electrical burst which lights up the entire top of the stun baton. Anyone who is unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of this stun baton will be taken down very quickly and will be wishing they had messed with someone else.
3. Blinding Bright 3 Watt CREE LED with 5 Light Modes: This flashlight will not only safety illuminate the entire area at night but can also be used to protect you. When shinned in the eyes of an attacker, the ultra-bright 140* lumen light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun or strike with the baton.

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