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Firepower 4-drawer fireproof cabinet(Combination Lock)

320 kg
Firepower 4-drawer fireproof cabinet(Combination Lock)

4 drawer fireproof
Product Description

The opening of the top drawer makes the rest of the drawers open in the state of unlocked keys. Each drawer is also provided with its own ” flip lever ” at its side. When set in the release position, the particular drawer will freely open even though the other drawers are locked. The units are constructed from special new formula insulation materials that provide excellent fire resistance. A tung and groove construction prevents the heat from conducting to the inside of drawers. Each individual drawer compartment is constructed separately to provide independent refractory effect against fire.

• Specially designed structure and material blocks intense fire. (Material: Graphite based expension fire protection material)
• Digital type ensures a high level of security through a feature that allows the user to change the combination of numbers. And an automatic lock system for the double security. It was also designed with user-friendly angles and color of buttons which increase its functionality.
• Soft extending rails bear 50kgs with a light pull.
• Each drawer key lock is standard

Overall dimensions
Height: 1549mm/ 5ft 0.98 in Weight: 300kg/ 661lbs
Width: 530mm/ 1ft 8.87 in A4/B4 size compatible
Depth: 680mm/ 2ft 2,77 in Digital Lock/Combination Lock

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